“You’ve rekindled my love for RPGs by turning me on to Fria Ligan games and your insightful commentary has changed how I think about and approach an RPG… I’m a better player for having listened to Effekt.”

- Kevin F. 

Effekt AP, dedicated to actual play, is a spin-off from our regular magazine show celebrating (mostly Swedish) role playing games.

Matthew and Dave have been friends since school, when Dave, his brother Tony, and Andrew used to play RPGS every Saturday at Matthew’s parents's house.

We still play, though not as regularly and no longer just at Matthew's house. These recordings are (mostly) made around the dining table in our houses, at a sixteenth century cottage we rent once a year, sometimes at the pub, and occasionally on-line.

Our recordings are only lightly edited, to cut out long pauses or irrelevant discussions, and to slice each session into our long chunks. We don't claim to be great role-players, exemplary GMs, or even OK sound engineers. This is is just us, playing games.

Effekt AP is brought to you by Fictionsuit and RPGGods, and this feed exists only through the support of our patrons. Our music is by Stars in a Black Sea, used with kind permission of Free League Publishing

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